Small Space. Big Life.

Where we are and where we’re going

I live in suburbia.

Not your current version of McMansion suburbia, with giant houses containing granite everything and bonus rooms that swallow subway cars whole. No, I live in a quiet, convenient tract area on top of what used to be prime agricultural land. Our home is surrounded by neat, tidy tract homes built in the 1960s. These houses have three or four bedrooms, are probably 1500 to 1800 square feet, and boast double garages and patches of both front and back lawn.


We don’t live in one of these comparatively spacious homes. We live in a condominium built just after the tracts were complete. Our condo is two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, 980 square feet and houses:


My husband.

Our two small kids.

Our two middle-aged-pushing-elderly cats.

And one big Labrador.

Our condo is also a solid fixer-upper and has been since we bought it eight years ago. We’re about halfway done. We’ve remodeled the kitchen, the hall/living/dining room, and the kids’ bedroom.

We still have both bathrooms, the master bedroom, the yard and the attic to go.

Plus, we have all the challenges of too much stuff and not enough space that our friends, family and neighbors have. Actually, we have more challenges in many ways, since we have much less space and, let’s face it, much more stuff than most of them do.

I’ve got a serious case of larger house envy, but this is the home I have now. And it’s a cozy little home with some serious advantages in location and amenities (vaulted ceilings, light-filled rooms, privacy, off-street parking, a swimming pool, nice neighbors and much more yard than you’d expect to have in condo.) I want to do right by it.

And do right by us.

Hence this blog. HouseMojo is a story of transformation, of living happily in tight quarters, of having a home life that’s cozy, not cramped — and of not letting envy get in the way of plenty. I’m getting me some home-keeping, house-cleaning, habitat-renewing mojo, and you’re invited along for the ride.


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